1. Introductory provisions
    1. All intellectual rights including exclusive right to use the game are held by Developer.
    2. Using the game is allowed strictly in accordance with this User Agreement (“Agreement”). The User declares that he is an individual person at the age of not less than 18 (eighteen) years old or is fully legal and competent in accordance with the current legislation or has reached the age of majority in his country and fully and unconditionally accepts all the terms of this Agreement. All consequences of nonfulfillment of this condition are assigned to the User. If the User disagrees with any of the terms of this Agreement, he does not have the right to use the game.
    3. The Developer and the User accept that the procedure and the form for concluding the current Agreement has the same legal force as the written agreement. The first usage of the game by the User is regarded as unconditional acceptance of conditions of the current Agreement.
  2. General provisions
    1. The subject of this Agreement is providing services associated with recreational activities in the game to the User by Developer (providing services for the implementation of gaming activities). Such services include information and other services necessary to organize the game and User service in the game process on the Developer's game platform.
    2. The game as well as any paired external gaming application is intended solely for entertainment purposes. The user acknowledges that all activities on this game platform are entertainment, are not related to entrepreneurial activity and profit making.
    3. Unless otherwise stated explicitly in the game texts, the terms "nation-state", "taxes", "country", "money", "state", "district", "real estate", "currency", "banknote", "house", "enterprise", "city", "territory", "production", "fund", "security paper", "profitability", "dividends" etc. refer exclusively to the elements of the game. Any coincidence or similarity with existing real objects is random.
    4. All operations on the game account are reflected in the history of operations of the User's personal account. If the User does not confirm the transaction made within 7 (seven) days from the date of entering information about this transaction into the game history, then he confirms his agreement with this operation. After the expiration of the specified period the User shall not have the right to file any demands and claims against the Developer with respect to this information. All claims in this case are subject to rejection without consideration.
  3. User responsibilities

    The User is obliged:

    1. To provide reliable data about his identity, in particular, last name, first name, patronymic, age, email address, location, etc. on the first request of the Developer. All this data allow the Developer to identify the User as the owner of the account in the game. If the User provided the Developer with misinformation or provided personal data in an incomplete volume, the access to the User’s account may be blocked on a temporary or permanent basis. Such User can be deprived of the use of certain services provided by the Developer.
    2. Not to use the game for performing any actions, which are contrary to international law and the legislation of the User’s country of residence.
    3. Not to distribute materials that violate the requirements of current legislation, in particular containing threats and insults, discrediting others that violates the rights of citizens to privacy or public policy.
    4. Not to interfere with the Developer's work, its partners and employees.
    5. Not to interfere with the access of other Users to the game.
    6. Not to deceive the Developer, its partners and other users.
    7. Not to use any external programs of any kind in order to gain advantages in the game.
    8. Not to use the game pad software errors and undocumented game features.
    9. To immediately notify the Developer about the bugs of the game pad software and the undocumented features of the game that the User has noticed.
    10. To immediately notify the Developer about the people, who use the errors of the game pad software and the undocumented features of the game.
    11. Not to use mailing lists and other types of messages (spam) for any advertising (including advertising User’s referral link, as well as links to any resources where advertising information or referral links may be contained).
    12. To be respectful to the Developer, his partners and other Users.
    13. Not to defame the Developer, its partners and other Users, not to slander them, not to disseminate misinformation about them.
    14. To be personally responsible for the conduct of any operations and transactions. The User's activity is carried out exclusively at his risk and at his own discretion and will.
    15. To get independently and regularly acquainted with the news of the game platform, as well as with changes in this Agreement, the rules of the game and other documents regulating the game process, placed by the Developer on the game platform.
    16. To notify the Developer first in writing through the "Support" page in cases of claims and complaints.
    17. To independently pay for access to the Internet, as well as to bear the other expenses necessary for using the game.
    18. Not to create multiple accounts to develop one of them at the expense of the other accounts.
    19. To perform all transactions in relation to characters and gaming assets ONLY at the game platform and in ways provided by the user interface.
    20. Not to use words and expressions that are links to other resources bearing advertising, obscene or vulgar character, containing obscene words and insulting (or possibly insulting) other Users as the login and / or name of the game character.
  4. Developer responsibilities

    The Developer is obliged:

    1. To provide technical support for the hardware and software complex: maintaining records of significant information, providing security and user identification measures, developing software that is integrated into the game platform and external applications in volumes, priorities and terms defined by the Developer.
    2. To observe the non-disclosure mode with respect to the User's personal data in the manner defined in this Agreement.
    3. To bear financial obligations to ensure the equivalent exchange rate of conditional game units on the User's account. The User with lawful conditional game units is guaranteed to receive the payment according to the UM's exchange value minus costs of this operation performing. This provision does not apply to the account of the User, who has violated or participated in violation of this Agreement.
  5. Developer rights

    The Developer has the right:

    1. To provide the User with additional paid services, the list of which, as well as the procedure and conditions for using which are determined by this Agreement, the rules of the game platform and other announcements of the Developer. At the same time, the Developer has the right at any time to change the number and volume of the paid services, their cost, name, type, terms and other conditions of use.
    2. To suspend this Agreement and limit User's access to certain game features or to the whole game for the duration of the audit in case of suspicion of the User in violation or complicity in violation of this Agreement or other rules of the game platform, and in order to ensure safety of the User property in the event of hacking attempts or unauthorized access to the User's account. Restoration of access is made in accordance with paragraph 6.3 of this Agreement.
    3. To temporarily restrict the User access to the account if there is a long absence of activity (no logging in for more than 100 days) with saving of all game processes (instrument consumption, charging of characteristics, conditional game units, etc. according to the rules of the game). To restore access,you need to contact the Game Support Service, specifying the account login and personal information specified in your account settings, as well as providing the scan of your ID. The application will be accepted for consideration within 3 working days from the date of request creation. The period for consideration of an application for access restoration is up to 15 working days (weekends and holidays are not considered).
    4. To partially or completely interrupt the provision of services without warning the User in the cases of reconstruction, repair and preventive works on the game platform.
    5. To set independently and at its own discretion the exchange rate of the UM conditional game units to USD and back.
    6. To amend the current Agreement, the rules of the game platform and other documents unilaterally. If changes are made to this User Agreement, such changes shall take effect from the moment of publication of the new Agreement version, unless another period is specified additionally upon its publication. The User undertakes to independently monitor changes in the provisions of this Agreement and is liable for all negative consequences associated with non-compliance with this obligation. If the User disagrees with the relevant changes, he must stop using the game. Otherwise the continued use of the game by the User means that the User agrees with the terms of this Agreement.
  6. Guarantee and liability
    1. The User agrees that he is personally responsible for all actions performed on the game platform by means of his account.
    2. The Developer objects to the receipt of any confidential information protected by property rights from Users.
    3. The User must take care of the necessary cybersecurity and other security measures.
    4. The User must keep in secret and not transfer his personal data to third parties and undertakes not to allow unauthorized access to the mailbox specified in the profile and to his devices (cell phone, device for receiving one-time codes, etc.) that can be used to restore access to the account or confirm operations in the game. The User agrees that he is responsible for all the adverse consequences in case of violation of this provision.
    5. The User agrees that the information security system of the game platform excludes the transfer of the User's personal data, as well as the identification information of his account to third parties.
    6. The User agrees that his account (game account) cannot be the subject of bargaining, donation, assignment to other people on third-party sites and without proper registration in accordance with the rules of the game. Trading gaming accounts on third-party services is prohibited and is a gross violation of the rules. The User agrees that the he is responsible for the failure to comply with this Agreement provision.
    7. The Developer shall not be liable to the User for the actions of other Users. The Developer shall not be liable for losses incurred as a result of the use or non-use by the User of game information, game rules and the game itself and shall not be liable for losses or other harm incurred by the User in connection with his unskilled activities and ignorance of game rules or his mistakes in the calculations.
    8. The User agrees that he uses the game platform of his own free will and at his own risk. The Developer does not give the User any guarantee for receiving material benefits from participation in the game in case of non-compliance with the rules of use and deception on the part of the user.
    9. The Developer does not bear the tax burden for the User. The User undertakes to independently include received income in the tax declaration in accordance with the legislation of the country of his residence and to independently pay taxes, fees and duties established in accordance with the legislation.
    10. The User agrees that the Developer cannot be liable for the User's losses arising in connection with the unlawful actions of third parties aimed at violating the security system of electronic equipment and game databases, or because of malfunctions that are not under the control of the Developer, suspension or termination of work communication channels used for interaction with the User, as well as unlawful or unreasonable actions of third parties.
    11. The Developer does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the game platform and its services in case of technical malfunctions due to unforeseen circumstances, including: inadequate operation or failure of the Internet providers, information servers, banking and payment systems, as well as illegal actions of third parties.
    12. The Developer will make every effort to prevent and eliminate problems but is not responsible for technical failures and breaks in the game regardless of their causes. The Developer does not guarantee that the software does not contain errors and the hardware does not exit the operating parameters and will function smoothly.
    13. If the Developer determines that there was a fail (an error) in the operation of the game software, the results that occurred during the incorrect operation of the software may be canceled or corrected at Developer's discretion. The User agrees not to appeal to the Developer about the quality, quantity, order and timing of the gaming capabilities and services provided.
    14. In the event of disputes and disagreements on the game platform, the Developer's decision is final and the User fully agrees with it.
    15. All disputes and disagreements arising from or in connection with this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. The period for responding to the claims is 7 (seven) business days from the date of receipt. In the event that consent cannot be achieved by negotiations, disputes, disagreements and claims arising from this Agreement shall be resolved at the location of the defendant in accordance with applicable law.
  7. Data confidentiality
    1. One of the priority objectives of the Developer is to ensure the maximum security of the User's personal data.
    2. The confidentiality condition applies to information that relates to the User (name, date of birth, address, number of the main identity document, information on the date of issue of this document and the issuing authority, e-mail address, phone number).
    3. Information is not considered confidential if it is generally known.
    4. The Developer has the right to transfer confidential personal information about the User to third parties only in cases when:
    5. The User has expressed a desire to disclose this information.
    6. The User cannot take advantage of the desired product or service without such disclosure.
    7. This is required by international law and / or authorities in compliance with the lawful procedure.
    8. The User violates or participates in violation of this Agreement, game rules governing the game process and placed by the Developer on the game platform.
    9. The User agrees to the processing of his personal data in accordance with the provisions of the current law and in order to comply with this Agreement.
  8. Period and procedure for termination of Agreement
    1. Current Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.
    2. Either party has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time unilaterally.
    3. Upon the removal of the User’s account any User’s costs associated with participation in the game are not compensated or returned to the User, and the Developer's obligations are considered to be fully executed.
    4. If the Developer terminated this Agreement and deleted the account of the User, who has violated or participated in violation of this Agreement or the rules of the game, the User is prohibited from registering in the game and creating new accounts.
    5. An account with unfilled personal data can be deleted by the Developer unilaterally without any compensation if the User has not logging in the game within a year.
  9. Other provisions
    1. If any provision of this Agreement is lapsed, void or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed severable from this Agreement and no consequences for the force and the operation of the other provisions shall occur.
    2. By participating in the game, the User acknowledges that he has read, understood and fully accepts all the terms of this Agreement as well as the rules of the game and other documents governing the game process placed by the Developer on the game platform. The provisions of this Agreement take precedence over other documents.