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Take a close look at the Partner agreement and only if you understood all its clauses and rules submit it by ticking the appropriate field. Please note that after confirmation of voluntary agreement with the internal rules, any appeals to the review of the administration decisions regarding the actions of violators become unreasonable. Fill in the required fields of the special form on the "Sign up" page (it will take no more than two minutes).
According to the rules of the project you can create only one account. ATTENTION! Creation of multiple accounts from one computer or IP address without prior approval and written permission from administration is regarded as fraudulent activity and causes not only blocking the account but also penal fine, the amount of which is determined by administration and can be up to 100% of invested funds.
No, the registration in the project is absolutely free of charge.
The participation in our project is available only to those, who have reached 18 years old.
Problems with registration may arise due to incorrect input of information. If all the fields of the registration form are filled in correctly, but the problem remains, ask our online consultants for help.
Personal Account
To enter your personal account, you will need to enter Login and password you created while registration in the corresponding form on the main page of the site.
All information about the participants of the system is stored on dedicated servers with a high level of protection. All operations are carried out through secure Internet connections.
Use the form of automatic password recovery. After filling out the form, a new password will be sent to your e-mail specified during registration.
Payment Transactions
At the moment we accept payment through the Perfect Money and Bitcoin.
Currently we accept USD and BTC. We will add new currencies as the necessity arises.
You can open a wallet in any of the payment systems displayed on the site To do this, simply click on the logo of the payment system at the bottom of any page of our site.
At the moment, the total amount of active investment cannot exceed $500 ("Pirate Plan") or 0.1 BTC ("Bitcoin Pirate"). All information about changing or removing limits will be pre-posted in the "News" section.
All funds on your account balance are available for withdrawal at any time.
The minimum investment amount is $10 or 0.005 BTC. The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1 or 0.0001 BTC. Later the withdrawal of funds for bitcoin can be changed depending on addition of new investment plans, changing in affiliate program or heavy workload of blockchain.
Our company does not charge any commissions for depositing and withdrawing funds, but some of the payment systems can do this. The amount of commissions is determined by payment systems independently and without any participation from our side and can be changed at any time based on their own internal rules.
General issues
The period of your investment depends on the conditions of the current marketing.
The main part of the holding's profits consists of investment construction and the implementation of ready-made facilities for the hospitality industry. Equally profitable and important aspects in the holding's activities are investment in the development of tourism and entertainment. The top three leaders are the buyout of promising companies, trading in securities and investments in the development of blockchain technologies. In total, the company invests its capital in several dozens of different investment directions with varying degrees of profitability, which gives absolute confidence in the future and guarantees a stable income to co-investors, business and advertising partners.
It is impossible, because your funds do not work independently, but are an integral part of collective investment.
You can view the statistics of the account in the "Transactions history" section of your personal account. General statistics of the flow of funds in the program is displayed on the main page of the site in real time.
The profit is accrued to your balance in automatic mode, according to the terms of the current marketing. The first accrual is made after 24 hours from the start of the investment work.
The balance is replenished within the period stipulated by the rules of your chosen payment system. In the case of withdrawing funds, all payments are accrued to the purse of your PS not later than 72 hours from the moment of the application creation.
Contact online support specialists on the site or contact us using the ticketing system in the "Contact Us" section or write to email
The partner reward accrued at your account automatically, immediately after the account balance of the invited participants is replenished through PS. The amount of reward may depend on your status in the system.
In this case, you should contact online support or more experienced users of the system. Moreover you can use the ticketing system in the "Contact Us" menu tab.
Guarantees and security
The site owner takes the responsibility for the safety of funds on the internal accounts of the system, payments and transfers within the system. Control over the movement of funds outside the system is carried out by the user or employees of third-party resources involved in the process. Each user is obliged to follow all recommendations on security and privacy of data for access to his personal account and to his electronic purses. The information received from the employees of our system is only of consultative nature and is limited to providing assistance in the event of technical problems and a general description of the methods of conducting business processes (ways of managing funds, marketing features, partnership program opportunities, security requirements, etc.). Administration and employees of the company can guarantee reduction of investment risks to a minimum, but they have no right to guarantee their complete absence, in view of the possibility of force majeure circumstances occurrence.